We realized it the very first time we met: we wanted to order the same item off the menu, so we agreed to share. We ordered an 8 oz. burger topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and of course, guacamole. Over time, our shared appreciation for food evolved into something more serious. Regular conversations about food culture and our frustrations with the American food landscape were translated into a desire to create our own unique, more meaningful dining experience.

"Harvey Levenstein, who has written two illuminating histories of American food culture, suggests that the sheer abundance of food in America has bred, 'a vague indifference to food, manifested in a tendency to eat and run, rather than to dine and savor.'"

- Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

America has unfortunately become notorious as a nation of consumers who subsist off of food that's neither fresh, nor home cooked: take out food, microwavable TV dinners, and fast food have taken over. We live in a culture where cooking and the tradition of passing on recipes has almost completely vanished. We have also ceased to place importance on the act of dining socially over home-cooked meals and conversation. Especially in the fast-paced and distracted age of the iPhone, people are often too glued to their devices to fully disconnect and allow themselves to have a shared dining experience. Given these issues we wanted to develop a space where fresh, inventive food could take center stage in bringing people together.